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Eyes Wide Shut

Yesterday in my introduction, I gave seven sever problems in the church; problems which were causing its growth and development to be dwarfed. Instead of being this radiant tower of grace and virtue, transforming our culture and times, the church has become more like a functionally-challenged runt. Those problems were: gross materialism, traditionalism, paganism, commercialism, political correctness, a general spiritual malaise, and an epic spiritual identity crisis.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no idle complainer or useless wrangler. I’m in the trenches every day, trying to turn this situation around. Why? Because, I love the household of God.  Like that old hymn used to say: “I love thy kingdom, Lord, the house of thine abode, the church our blest Redeemer saved with his own precious blood.”  I’d literally give my life for her. But, hold on, Jesus already did that!  So, all I’m trying to do is to ply my gifts and mind as opportunity avails itself, to help turn things around — to get this ol’ “Ship of Zion” shipshape again. You with me, mate?

Starting with the fact that she’s got an epic identity crisis, I want to tackle these seven maladies she has, one at a time. Yep, let’s start with last things first. This is a gi-normous problem!  It can’t be overstated. Like a comely old lady with Alzheimer’s, she doesn’t know who she is. This is what my very first blog post was all about. Let me stop here and say, if you haven’t read that post, You Talkin’ to Me?, then stop here and do so. Because without that information, everything else I want to say, will be pretty much a wash. It will be trying to decider a cryptic text without the code, trying to unlike a safe without the combination, or trying to open a locked door without a key.

The Bible itself is like a coded book. It can be read and enjoyed by the average believer on many levels. It has gotten many a novice traveler safely to Jordan’s shores. But this is a new age with new challenges. This is the most hopelessly confused generation there ever was or could be. We are like a generation whose eyes are wide shut. And we don’t even realize we are stumbling in the daylight as if it was midnight. And without the knowledge imparted by my first blog, the scales won’t begin to come off your eyes. And the cultural blindness, which is on the eyes of the church, can’t be lifted. So hopefully, to save both me and you a little frustration, I’ll let you take the time to read that. Then, I’ll be back.

You can find the title, You Talkin’ to Me?, under my disctinctive catergory, “Christian Dynamics,”  from the Reader home page, Or, move your cursor over the blog title, Truth & Dare, click on it, and afterwards  scroll down. Or, simply click on the following link:


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  1. Great Job dad! SO many Christians feel this way yet they are too afraid or maybe to insecure about their diagnosis to come right out and say it.

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