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Do you know how to hear from the living God? In our next post, Do You Hear What I Hear?, we’ll tell you how to get fit to hear from the Lord. Would you like to lay hold on the ‘abundant life?’ Would you like to become a ‘Spirit-filled’ believer? Would you like to be described as a “laser-guided missile” in the hand of God?  Or, how about learning how to attain to a life where you are classed as one who has become, like Jesus, “the word made flesh?”  Then, be sure to catch my next post, starting Monday, January 20, 2014. We’ll get you started.

Then be sure to check out our next two (2) upcoming blog topics on:

Calling All My LGBT Loved Ones and Friends

This will be an like nothing you’ve read before; certainly not your usual homophobic rants. But it will be a loving exchange on the subject. I’ve had more than one LGBT member in my family, so I have an up close and personal experience with what that journey is all about. I’ll give a perspective that’s both biblical and unique.

What’s the Matter With Zion?

This will be a continuation of “A Fulcrum for Refreshing: The Assessment.”  We will pick up our discussion about the epic identity crisis in the church today, and how it cripples the church from running for Jesus as it ought. Do you know the national name of the church? What does the scripture say about who we really are? Do you know the key to understanding prophecies concerning the church today? If you can grasp what is being taught in this particular series, then you’ll be way ahead of the gang? So, tune in.

Do you find this blog helpful? Then leave us a comment after you read, and pass the word along to your friends and followers, so they can benefit too. You know where to find us.


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