The cutting edge of Christian affairs

Mystery of Mysteries

By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2016 by Joseph Diop

JESUS Christ: the Word Made Flesh

Part 1

1.   Let me tell you of The Mystery

      The Man called Jesus Christ

      For he is The True and Living God

      The Author of all life

2.   He is The Proof of God’s own love

      The Spirit of God’s mind

      He is The Everlasting Dove

      Who makes our ways refined    

3.   He is The Wise and Master Plan

      The Counsel of God’s will

      Who guided by God’s mighty hand

      Purged sin from Calvary’s hill

4.   He is The Word our ears have heard

      The Voice from the Father’s heart

      The One who brings us holy faith

      And makes all doubt and fear depart

5.   The Fullness of The Only God

      The Incarnation of the Father’s soul

      His name is called Immanuel

      God here with us in whole

6.   Eternal Word from God’s own mouth

      JESUS — Consuming Fire !!!

      And until he burns upon your life

      You cannot, friends, go higher

7.   The Mystery of mysteries

      He is The Great ‘I AM’

      He is, in fact, our High Priest

      Yet, and still, he is The Lamb

8.   He is The Son of David

      And in righteousness he reigns

      King of Kings, and Lord of Lords

      He rules all the world’s domains

9.   He is The Only Potentate

      He’s set his throne in Zion

      He’s from the tribe of Judah

      And he’s called The Holy Lion

10. Yes, The Word made flesh is JESUS   Christ

      Eternal from the start

      He’s come to bring abundant life

      Receive him in your heart


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