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Which Book???

By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2017 by Joseph Diop


​In order to be a faithful guide unto salvation, a reliable holy book must be an honest, spiritual journal of an humble, transparent soul — a soul that is seeking to know the one, true, and living God. And, that is exactly what the Bible is and more, because God was guiding the people by his inspired holy prophets. God managed, operated, and motivated their experience every step along the way, therefore what is recorded there is inspired by God, and inerrant — reliable, solid, flawless, infallible truth.

No book other than the Holy Bible can make this bold claim, because it was God who not only managed the people’s experience, but who also managed the recording and publication of their experience. And this He did without bias, without favoritism, without redaction, without masking, without excuses, and without embellishments.  But with raw and chilling truth, he told the incredible story. The Bible is not therefore Israel’s journal, but God’s journal of Israel’s experience. For no nation would ever publish such a minutely detailed, brutally honest, and totally unflattering account of their miserable failure to achieve their objective — assuming that their objective was to have a satisfying relationship with God. Israel was God’s “chosen people,” yet not chosen exclusively for salvation. They were chosen to model the fallen human nature of all people. In that sense, Israel just stood proxy for the whole human race. 

And the honest God seeker soon discovers that the biggest road block on his journey is his own rotten, human nature. And the greatest disappointment along the way, is the discovery of his own finite, weak, and helpless human condition. 

For this reason, no other religious book can match claims with the Holy Bible. The Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes with its doleful claims that life is but a vanity fair, the book of Job with its accounts of popular but erroneous spiritual philosophies, the book of Psalms with its often pitiful cries out of what is a helpless and anguished heart, and all the other books of history and prophecy with all their accounts of the disobedience and backslidings of God’s people, is the volume that only a universal God of truth would dare to publish.  And, indeed God did publish it to make all mankind know that salvation is a thing that only God, and God alone can arranged. For what He proved, by the record contained in the Bible, is that mankind by virtue of their evil human nature and their helpless human condition cannot possibly save themselves. 

After nearly a lifetime of chronicaling my own journey, i have come to see the Bible as a honest account of God’s adventure with mankind. God is a journalist. The Bible records His dilemma with the evil heart of man. The New Testament presents and explains the answer, Jesus Christ. As my pastor used to say, “Jesus Christ is the panacea,” that is, the cure-all for what ails all mankind, the answer to every human need. In the Bible, God showed that salvation would necessarily have to result from a gift from above, which is exactly what Jesus is.

Now, here is the open invitation to all HONEST seekers after God. The Bible says, 

[God] hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us.  Acts 17:26, 27
If you are ready to subscribe to God’s true journal, and the answer contained therein, please pray the following suggested prayer.

Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open my heart and life now and receive you as Savior and Lord. Come in and take control of my life. Give me your Holy Spirit. Come and make me the kind of person you want me to be. Amen.

Did you pray that prayer? Then, on the solid-rock foundation of simple child-like faith, I now pronounce you a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Mark this date on your calendar. It’s the first day of your eternal life. Congratulations! And welcome to the family.

For 24-hour prayer and for help finding a church, call 1-888-731-1000

If you are already a Christian, but are in need of repentance and rededication, then pray this prayer,

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for not serving you the way that I should. I open up my heart now, and give you full access and control. Have your way, Lord. Cleanse me from all my sin and idolatry. Fill me with your Holy Spirit again. Renew me, Lord. Make me the kind of person and servant I ought to be. Amen.

For 24-hour prayer and for help finding a church, call 1-888-731-1000


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