The cutting edge of Christian affairs

By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2017 by Joseph Diop

Who would have ‘thunk’ it?  Who would have ever imagined that the Lord’s criteria for selecting his elite warriors — His “shock troops” — would have been that they “act like a dog.” But, that’s exactly what God looked for.

With all the rigorous requirements of America’s finest fighting forces, like the Navy Seals or the Delta Forces, no one would think to make this a requirement. But, God did. Against an innumerable enemy force, God whittled his original army down from over 32,000 men, to a measly 300 — a fraction of less than 1/10th of 1%. He sent everybody else back home before the battle even began, except the relative handful of men who demonstrated the traits of “man’s best friend.”  He told Gideon,

“[Select] everyone who laps water with his tongue like a dog.”  Judges 7:5 HCSB

Now, this is TOO entriguiging to pass up. But, when we stop and consider a few well-known traits of dogs, I think we’ll all see why.

Dogs make a big  F*U*S*S  over their masters. They are:

1. F iercely Loyal

If there is even a doubt about whose side your dog is on, then just let there be even a hint of a conflict between you and their most familiar aquaintance. In the blink of an eye, they will posture themselves against your opponent, take an openly offensive position, and bark up a storm. Instances illustrating this are so common that this point is all too well known.

2. U nquestioning Odedience

When they receive a command from their masters, they don’t waste time asking a whole bunch of questions. They don’t require detailed clarifications. If their master says “Jump,” all they want to know is literally, “How high?” If you say, “Fetch,” then they will make a mad dash to retrieve whatever it is, no matter how far you throw it.

3. S hamelessly Affectionate

All dogs know is, “Hey, I Iove my master like crazy.”  They have NOT the mind nor the time to entertain a single thought about what you think about how they show it. Like David’s response to the reproach of Michal, so likewise their attitude is: “Look woman, it was in front of the Lord that I danced… And, if that offends you, then get ready. I’m going to act even more undignified than that!” (2Samuel 6:21-22). Check out this video. This is too endearing to pass up. This pooch is dancing and jumping for joy to see his master through the glass.

4. S avagely Protective

Dogs will defend their masters if need be, to the death — no matter how over-matched they are. In a heartbeat, they will fight fiercely, and even give their own life to defend their master — no matter what the odds, or their chances for survival. They are the perfect example of that verse in Revelation on Christian self-sacrifice, “And, they loved not their lives unto the death” (Rev 12:11).

So, if you needed “a few good men” for a fight, wouldn’t you too choose men with these qualities??  Don’t let a dog outdo you! Let the world know whose side you’re on. Do whatever God tells you, without doubtfulness. Show your love for Him openly. And, don’t be afraid to go to heaven on an act of self-sacrifice. If you do these things, then you too will be counted in the number of the Lord’s most elite warriors.


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