The cutting edge of Christian affairs

By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2017 by Joseph Diop

The featured image here is the actual cover of Time Magazine for September 10, 2006. I tell you the absolute truth; God wants your material assets to keep pace with your spiritual growth and development, your personal responsibilities, and your spiritual best interests at any given point in time. That’s the meaning of the verse, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth”  (3John 1:2). 

There are so many bogus lies, confusions, misunderstandings, misinterpretations of scripture, false doctrines, and personal misgivings about this subject today, that the whole entire culture of our nation and generation is clouded-over-black-as-night with them. But, if you will give me a moment, I will attempt to begin to add a little clarity. I am not going to try to address this subject comprehensively all at once. Today, I will only focus on one angle and aspect of the topic — God’s awarded “Birthright” and “Blessing” — the source and origin of all divinely given prosperity.

All “wealth” is given by God for a divine purpose. If you separate anything God gives from it’s purpose, then you already have the beginning of the end. The purpose of God-given wealth — the “Blessing” — is simply to fund the Birthright. The “Birthright” goes to the “firstborn” of the family. In God’s system, the firstborn is rarely the child born first. Instead, he is the one whom God first prefers above all others to receive the designation — the one whom God himself chooses according to His own divine purpose. Job was a firstborn. Abraham was a firstborn. Isaac and Jacob were firstborn. Joseph, David, and Solomon were all firstborn.

The office of the Firstborn in God’s patriarchal system is the appointment to serve as head of the family, after the father passes away. It could be an appointment to succeed a nuclear-family father, a tribal father, a national father, or a kingdom-wide father. The Firstborn is to care for all the family members, and love each one of them, just as the father had done, giving them whatever is needed at the time in order to keep them all thriving and surviving. In addition to an abundance of love, that might include wise counsel, direction, emotional support, personnel support, protection, or any of a variety of material resources. (See my message on WordPress for further study on this.

For a moment, think about the office of the President. After his inauguration, he suddenly has the greatest single influence over the spending and allotment of a budget of literally trillions of dollars. But, he never considers that to be a sudden windfall of personal riches. He wouldn’t run right out and start purchasing a personal fleet of Bentleys, Mercedes, Rolls Royces, and sports cars. He wouldn’t buy the first lady her private stash of diamond jewels, take her on whirlwind vacations, get a whole new wardrobe of fancy clothes, or buy a string of elegant mansions and country villas. Oh Lord, no. Neither is God’s blessing which brings wealth to be understood in that vein.

God’s blessing is to help you shoulder the responsibility of God’s Firstborn, Jesus Christ. It is to put you in a position to not only handle your own private needs, but also meet the needs of God’s whole entire family. Along with the blessing come a kingdom fiduciary responsibility and solemn stewardship to see to and care for the needs of the entire body of Christ. In that sense, you are your brother’s keeper. That is the purpose and reason behind the “blessing.” And, that is the rule by which God decides when and how much of the blessing to place on your head and in your hands. The lavish love and faithful care of God is filtered down through those who find that God faithfully supplies them so that they can supply others in His name. Any theory of wealth that does not recognize this is false, heathen, hedonistic, deceptive, evil, and from the pit. Until Part 2, think about it. Selah.


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