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My Visitation Revelation; or, Out of the Fire!!! Prologue

I have had a chance encounter with a young evangelist over the past couple of days. I should call it what it is, “a divine appointment.” It has really reordered my plans, or rather, refreshed my focus on what is crucially important. So, I am going to table my continuation on my presentation on wealth and riches, and get back to basics – the faith fundamentals – and share my personal perspective on the glories of the Man and his DAD, Christ Jesus the Lord, and the eternal God his father.

In December of 1991, I had a visitation; not just a vision, but a live, open visitation. The difference between a vision and a visitation is that you experience being personally caught up in what is going on, such that you can tell that it is really, actually happening to you in real time. You are not just seeing something, but you are really there – seeing, hearing, and feeling everything in 3-D. It’s hard to explain, other than to say that it is just like living through any other day’s experience, only it changes you forever.

Let me pause here to explain something. Divine visions and visitations are nothing to be boasted of. Paul the apostle was very coy about sharing his visions and visitations, even adopting a practice of trying to distance himself from them, while relating them (2Corinthians 12:1-6). He did this for many good reasons. A great man of God, Kenneth Hagin, once related his feelings about receiving them. I’ll paraphrase what he said. “Whenever I receive an open vision or visitation, I immediately start to cringe – I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach –  because I soon learned by experience that there is a very good reason why I am receiving it: ‘I am about to NEED it. I am about to go through a SEVERE trial.’”

I can certainly say “Amen” to that. Like they say, “I am a living witness.” My visitation was succeeded by very many years of severe and often lonely trials. I was pruned by God, right down to the bone. But, I wouldn’t take anything for my journey!!!  Through my trials, I have gotten my very heart’s desire – a vital, intimate, personal relationship with God, in which I am getting to know Him fully. And, I would not take this whole world, nor anything in it, for that. Like the old gospel song says, “You can take this whole world, just give me Jesus.”  And, like another old gospel song declares, “And, He’s sweet I know.”

So, in 1991 I had this visitation. It literally blew my mind. Or, like my old university college professor like to put it, “It snapped my apperceptive mass.” I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but I’ll give you a sneak peek at just some of the things I subsequently went through.

• I went to jail, for a good while.

• I was committed to the mental hospital – for a good long stay.

• I had an extended encounter with homelessness.

• I got rejected by most of my old friends.

• I had some serious marital conflicts, with many periods of prolonged separation – even an intermediate time of divorce.

• I went into a period of prolonged depression.


With all that, the half has not been told. Now, does that sound like anything that you want any part of?  Well then, don’t envy me or any other child of God for their personal visitations, just believe the testimony about God’s glory that we come out of them with. Neither do I want you to go through what I went through. I just want you to benefit from the rock-solid, living faith that I will share with you, as a result. This is a glorious faith. It is, like the young people put it, a “Ride or Die” faith. 

Actually, I have already previously published my visitation and experiences in segments, called “My Visitation Revelation.” But, I will begin to republish them afresh here. And, it is my sincerest prayer and desire, that you will catch the faith that God has formed in me through them. God’s peace. Maranatha.

Episode one, “My Visitation Revelation; or, Out of the Fire.”


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