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By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2015 by Joseph Diop

Absolutely mind-rending!!! I would have to spend a little time in the mental hospital after this. The Lord said, “It’s going to take you about five (5) months to get back to normal.” That’s what God said to me following a divine visitation that I experienced in December of 1991. And, after you read this brief account of that visitation, you’ll understand why. Before now, I have never shared this experience with anyone other than my immediate family members. But, the Lord said to me, “Now is the time!!!”

I awakened to consciousness and self-awareness in a very dark place, like waking out of sleep in the middle of the night, in a room with no windows. I was alone. I was aware of being surrounded by heat. The heat was pervasive, but it did not make me feel uncomfortable. Then, in front of me, at a distance, light began slowly to emerge. It first appeared as a brilliant, narrow, horizontal strip, spanning my field of vision. It began to expand, downwards and upwards. As the lighted area increased, I could see the heat in it. It was being manifest as dancing waves, like sunshine rising from hot pavement, making the light appear to be fluid. The light also had a kind of thickness to it, which reminded me of the concept of plasma that I learned about in college physics — pure electromagnetic energy, like white lightning.

Then, I looked. And suddenly, I saw across the threshold of the darkness into the light, a person. It was the Lord Jesus Christ. He was standing upon a luminous orb of this plasma. His feet were resting firmly on it. The radius of the orb was about one-third of His height. And, He appeared to be the size of a normal man.

We fixed eyes on each other.  Turning His head, He directed my attention over and away to see the wonder of what He had just created. It was the pristine planet earth — oceans blue and beautiful — spinning in place, and suspended in a sea of the darkness of space. As I beheld, I realized that somehow I was in orbit far above the planet, watching it rotating beneath me. It was spinning in my direction, in a counter-clockwise fashion. I saw all the oceans and land masses. I recognized all the continents in their places. It was so beautiful.

I just watched the breathtaking sight for a minute or two, before realizing that I had started feeling intense heat. Only then, did I discover that I was in orbit without any vehicle to carry and cover me. I was enclosed in nothing but my body of flesh, gliding on the wings of the Holy Spirit. I was now feeling the friction of the earth’s atmosphere. And boy, was the heat ever getting to me !  So, I cried out to the Lord, “The heat!  I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it any more!!”

Suddenly, I was transported from flight, and found myself back in my room, lying on my back on my bed. At that instant, I realized that I had been in a visitation with the Lord God of creation, and had seen a vision of the Most High. It was a waking visitation, not a mere dream. And, for a reason unexplained, I lifted up my voice to the Lord then and said, “But, I still want to see Jesus !”  Instantly, I was beamed back into my orbit above the earth, and saw it spinning again towards me. This second time, there was an additional feature to my vision. One by one, I saw the famous, historical, covenant sons of God.

First, I saw Adam emerge from the left, from the darkness of space, descending to the earth, and landing in his time and place in history. Next, I saw Noah. He descended to his time and place in history. Then, I saw Abraham. After him, I saw Moses, then David, then John the Baptist, then Jesus. After Jesus, I also saw the apostle Peter. Each man in turn had emerged from the darkness of space, and landed in his own time and place in history. I was a bit puzzled, though. I had expressly asked to see Jesus, but I was also shown, apparently without any differentiation, the seven other Biblical personalities, as well.

Again, I started feeling the heat. It got so hot, that I complained once again, “It’s too hot! I can’t stand it !!” Once again, I found myself instantly back in my flesh-and-blood body in my bedroom. I felt seriously dazed and disoriented by the experience. Though I was back now in my body, I was experientially in some kind of twilight zone — as it were, floating between two worlds. In this place, somehow, somewhere along the way, I felt that I had been abandoned by God — forsaken. I felt absolutely friendless. Looking out through the sliding-glass door across the room, all I could see was nameless faces of people sneering at me. They peered in at me with disdain. I was being utterly ostracized, humiliated, and rejected. They held me in contempt. I felt like dung. My Bible was lying next to me on the bed. I took it in hand, and tossed it toward the foot of the bed, hoping that it landed on the floor. Then, I said, “That Bible got me in this mess!”

As I lay there, I could feel the after-effects of the great heat. I felt the very fluids inside my head boiling. I could see and smell the gases from that boiling coming out of my nostrils. I could tell that my state of mind and emotions also had been negatively affected, inasmuch as my normal self-expression was exaggerated. I felt slightly off — call it “manic.” I wondered how long this would last. Then, the Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s going to take about five months for you to get back to normal.”

After subsequent consideration, I realized that the dark place in which I originally awakened was the mouth of God Almighty. I had been allowed to be a witness to the beginning — the very Genesis 1:1 beginning — when God first opened His mouth and spoke the world into existence. The luminous, heat-filled plasma that I had seen was the Word of God. The orb underneath Jesus’ feet also was the Word, out of which He created the universe, including planet earth. The intense heat was God’s very person. The scriptures tell us, “Our God is a consuming fire” (Deut 4:24; Heb 12:29). Thus, my visitation with Him involved the experience of that sweltering, hot environment. The heat that I experienced in the atmosphere above the earth bespeaks the trial, tribulation, and persecution that we must experience in the world as we grow in the Lord and sojourn through this life. The word tells us, “Through much tribulation we must enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22). And, “All who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (2Tim 3:12). The anointed men of God I had seen were the pillars and axes upon which the very dispensations of history and divine purpose had been established.

There is much more to be expounded from this visitation, which will perhaps be unfolded later. Sufficient for now, is what is contained in this first rendition of that account.

Are you ready for the Lord’s coming?  The Bible says, “For our God is a consuming fire”  (Heb 12:29; Deut 4:24, 9:3). Every single soul must pass through the fire. Will you be refined and saved, or will you be burned and lost???  (Heb 12:18-29). Now is the time for you to make sure. It only takes a humble heart’s prayer to make that eternal difference, my friend. So, if you want to be ready, then take a moment to pray the following, simple suggested prayer.

Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open my heart and life now and receive you as Savior and Lord. Come in and take control of my life. Give me your Holy Spirit. Come and make me the kind of person you want me to be. Amen.

Did you pray that prayer? Then, on the solid-rock foundation of simple child-like faith, I now pronounce you a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Mark this date on your calendar. It’s the first day of your eternal life. Congratulations! And welcome to the family.

For 24-hour prayer and for help finding a church, call 1-888-731-1000

If you are already a Christian, but are in need of repentance and rededication, then pray this prayer,

Lord Jesus, please forgive me for not serving you the way that I should. I open up my heart now, and give you full access and control. Have your way, Lord. Cleanse me from all my sin and idolatry. Fill me with your Holy Spirit again. Renew me, Lord. Make me the kind of person and servant I ought to be. Amen.

For 24-hour prayer and for help finding a church, call 1-888-731-1000



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