The cutting edge of Christian affairs

Integrity & Deliverance

By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 1993 by Joseph Diop

1.   If you serve God from your spirit

      And you love your neighbors too

      Then the Lord will send his blessing

      And you’ll see your dreams come true

2.   For the Father loves the righteous

      And he’ll never forsake them

      But the wicked ones deny him

      And their souls shall be condemned

3.   If you talk it, but don’t walk it

      Then you’re in perversity

      But the one who guards his conscience

      Will possess integrity

4.   What you hear you must believe

      What you believe you must confess

      Match your words and works together

      And the Lord will do the rest

5.   When the devil comes against you 

      And the mountain tries to stay

      Then the Lord will lift his banner

      And they both will flee away

6.   So, just trust him with your whole heart

      And your daylight shall appear

      Though the midnight doubts may plague you

      Say, “I know my God is here !”

7.   Just believe then in the Lord

      Whene’re you hear the still, small voice 

      Let your soul Him magnify

      And let your spirit rejoice

8.   All things truly work for good

      To the servant who obeys

      But God hides his holy hands

      And works mysterious ways

9.   But, Jesus has come to earth

      In the body of flesh

      So, the whole wide world 

      Shall be ours to possess

10. When you call upon his name

      He will always come on time

      So, just give him space to work things out

      And peace will rule your mind 


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