The cutting edge of Christian affairs

The Anointing. Part II


By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 1993 by Joseph Diop

1.   And not through ways the heathen claim,

      But Jesus brings success and fame.

2.   Though trials multiply before,

      That only means you’ll be blessed more.

3.   For those who wait and bear the cross

      Can never truly suffer loss.

4.   The longer that you weep and sigh,

      The more rewards heap to the sky.

5.   The ones who mourn are truly blest,

      For they’ll find comfort, peace, and rest.

6.   The poor are those most blessed too,

      For them, God gives his kingdom to.

7.   The persecuted have it best,

      For God gives them great happiness.

8.   The meek are those who turn the cheek,

      And leave revenge for God to seek.

9.   So, when God’s judgment comes to birth,

      The meek are those who’ll rule the earth.

10. And those who thirst for righteousness

      And hunger after holiness,

11. To them the Lord will show his will.

      And with Christ’s fullness, they’ll be filled.

12. To those with hearts of purity, 

      God gives his holy face to see.

13. And those who work toward peace with all,

      The sons of God shall they be called.

14. The humble purge their hearts of leaven.

      So, they’ll possess the kingdom of heaven.

15. For God gives contrite souls his stay.

      But he will cast the proud away.

16. The merciful are good to all,

      So, God will help them when they fall.

17. All these are they who’ll pass the test, 

      And be a blessing to the rest.

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