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A Good Heritage

As said King David, so say I.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage. Psalms 16:6

I indeed have a good heritage. I come from a long, unbroken line of servants of Christ Jesus the Lord. And, I praise the Lord for that. As far back as we can see, we have all been subjects of God’s boundless love and amazing grace. Starting from my (1) great-great grandfather, Joseph “Jobie” Reddick, the praise begins. As a full-fledged adult, he was released from slavery by the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. He then plied his entrepreneurial skills and made his first private income to buy 100 acres of land, the Reddick Estate — the first property owned by a black man in Hale County, Alabama. His progeny, (2) great grandfather Willis Reddick, and his wife, Ella McClain Reddick, were also Christian farmers and business people. Great grandma Ella is said to have “bought the first brick” for the new church house built there in Greensboro, Alabama in her day.

My grandfather and grandmother, (3) Henry and Frances Reddick Muse, were also very devout and Spirit-filled Christians. Grandfather, a wounded WWI veteran, was a deacon in the Church of God in the city. I still remember stories of how he used to preach to my mom and sister from his bed at night, when they were very young girls. Grandmother confided to me personally that sometimes he would get so full of the word that he would just go out into the woods near the house and preach to nature – the trees, and the squirrels, the birds, the rabbits, the open sky, and to whatever “had breath.” Their stories are published in 2004, in the volume composed by us entitled “Footsteps of Grace – the Muse Family Pictorial Directory.” That book contains pictures of our family’s seven generations of Christians.

The stories of my dad and mom, (4) Charles E. & Beatrice Muse Price, are told on Facebook in the Price Family Center Repository. (If you visit this page, be sure to check out the Photo Album section). I refer to my dad as a quiet flame of holiness. But, there was nothing quiet about his steadfast love for us, or his hard work, or his testimony in Christ. His spiritual gift of “discerning of spirits” was really awesome. He simply called it his “radar.” Truly my mom, now 93 years young, is simply a “rock star.” Her testimony of life from a small-town farmgirl to a Congressional Medal of Honor winner, is thrilling.  Mix in tales of her life as a groundbreaking black, female US Army Officer in WWII with the Tuskegee Airmen, her 42-year career as a Registered Nurse, her accounts as a Birmingham native living through the Civil Rights movement, and you have only the beginnings of a testimony that is truly a prime time event. We have not even mentioned yet her blessed recounts of some thrilling and amazing interventions of the LORD God in her life, all along the way. One TV reporter called my mom “A National Treasure.” She is indeed that. Part of her life is chronicled online on Bea Price facebook page.

Now comes my generation. My only brother and my brother-in-law, (5a) Minister Michael Price and Pastor G. Michael Hickman (not pictured), are both ministers of Jesus Christ. My sister, (5a) Gill Hickman, is a First Lady. I (5b) am an ordained minister, having been preaching the gospel now for 40 years. My lovely wife, (5b) Betty Ann Miles Diop, is a highly anointed prophetess.

Both my daughters are ordained to minister the word. My youngest, (6) Ashley Price, has an online ministry, The Gospel Booth. My eldest, (6b) Arianne Price, has her own Youtube channel, and ministers live to students and to teachers alike in conferences. Her son’s, my grandson’s, given name is, get this: “ELIJAH JEREMIAH” Price. One guess as to what he is going to turn out to be.

Now, you too see. I am blessed to be surrounded by what the Bible calls “so great a cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1). But, “the Lord himself is my portion” (Psalms 16:5). He is my All in All, and has given me every advantage in the natural and in the Spirit. Praise the Lord, saints, for He is my light and salvation. And, for the benefits of what his sovereign grace means to me and mine, I will thank Him and serve Him forever. Hallelujah. Selah. Amen.


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