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The Anointing. Part III


By Joseph Diop

Copyright  © 1993 by Joseph Diop

1.  These are the ones whom God appoints,

     And Jesus Christ the Lord anoints.

2.  The ones who’ve stuck with him awhile,

     Whose hearts are pure and spirits mild. 

3.  He’ll touch them at his chosen hour,

     And ordain with grace and power.

4.  These are the traits that Christ had when

     He came to earth to save all men.

5.  God raised him to the highest  height,

     And gave him glory, wealth, and might.

6.  And Christ must yet be formed in you,

     If  you’re to share his glory too.

7.  So, don’t you be too hasty, friend,

     To bring your trials to an end.

8.  The way of patience is the best

     For those who’re called and God has blest.

9.  So, let these verses comfort you.

     You’ll be most blest when God is through.

10. Just love God. Trust him. Praise his name.

     Christ Jesus then, and still the same.

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