The cutting edge of Christian affairs

The Avenger


by Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2011 by Joseph Diop


1.   I beheld a sad and troubling sight

In the darkness while asleep—

A holy dream in deepest night

That made my spirit weep.


2.   I was shown a beast I’d seen before

And had studied for a while,

The Beast from Revelation’s lore

Attacked a harmless child.


3.  And that was when my God within

Bestirred my heart with zeal,

And said, “My son, it’s time now when

That monster must be killed.”


4.  Let’s tell this wretched, evil force,

“Pick on someone your own size.”

Then the King a-mount the great white horse

Will charge them from the skies.


5.   And with the troops that are full grown

He’ll wade into that host

With fiercesome forces of his own,

Spawned by the Holy Ghost;


6    Like the Lion sprung from Judah,

That stately king of beasts,

The strongest of them all, by far,

Who strides in from the east.


7.  Then there’s His great and holy dragon,

Whose lair the heavens are.

His breath the constellations spun

And birthed the plasmic stars.


8.   He’ll call those eagles screaming

From Zion’s farthest lengths,

Who perch atop God’s mountains

And go from strength to strength.


9.  Then there’s God’s armored Pegasus

Who’s made for holy war.

He can change his color when he must

And match the lion’s roar.


10.  And too, not last or least of all,

The sons of God’s right hand—

The chosen, faithful that he called

To reign and rule the land.


11.  And with his mighty angels too

He’ll trounce that demon down.

For our Lord’s the Great Avenger who

Is crowned with many crowns.


12.  And so, my friends, thus it shall be

When Christ returns again.

He’ll vanquish every enemy—

A thousand years to reign.


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