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The March Song


Can you read the signs (of the times, that is)??   It’s high time to leave this old fractured, shattered, troubled, discordant world behind. It’s time to unite in the Spirit of the One God, One Lord, One Faith to which we have all been called in Christ Jesus. Only then, will there arise a refreshing and a body-wide outpouring of power that we all need to survive these troubled times. Join in the Spirit of the March Song, and comment “Amen” at the end, if you agree.


By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 1999 by Joseph Diop

Given to him by the Lord, on the advent of his release from jail, and his return to The Church in Birmingham.  Set to military march cadence, call-response.


1. I don’t know but I been told
Jesus Christ is really bold.
He’s got power. He’s got might.
He puts enemies to flight.

(after each verse)
JESUS – King of Kings
JESUS – Lord of Lords

2. Look out devil. Here he comes.
You got nowhere else to run.
Heaven spurned you. We do too.
Hell’s a-waitin’ just for you.

3. Listen demons you must go.
We’ve got power too, you know.
We ain’t foolin’ round with you.
Yo’ stealin’, lyin’ days are through.

4. Heaven’s glory’s comin’ down.
Sheddin’ light all over town.
Darkness, darkness, you must flee.
Christ is shinin’ bright in me.

5. Jesus sits at God’s right hand.
Reignin’ over all the land.
He’s the King by God’s decree.
Let every creature bow the knee.

6. Brothers, sisters, hear my call.
The kingdom needs you – one and all.
So don the armor of our God.
And tread the path the saints have trod.

7. Time for saints of faith to fight.
Put the hosts of hell to flight.
Not with guns and bombs and tanks,
But Spirit-praises, prayers, and thanks.

8. Hallelujah to our God.
Jesus holds the Shepherd’s rod.
If the devil knocks me down.
Christ will lift me from the ground.

9. The world’s a-fadin’ fast away.
And it don’t love me anyway.
I’m countin’ all I have but lost.
And I’m a-takin’ up the cross.

10. So, come on, Christians, have no fear.
The Lord’s return is very near.
No hesitation, doubt, or shame,
Just lift up Jesus’ holy name.

JESUS – King of Kings
JESUS – Lord of Lords
(Repeat – fade)


 Comment “Amen,”  if you agree.


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