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You Are



Much too often we take for granted the grace of Almighty God right in our own Christian friends and loved one. Their love, prayers, and support truly do keep us afloat on this sea of life and stormy gales. But, I truly did recognize that God was working and laboring over me with the heart and hands of my own dear wife, Mrs. Betty Ann Diop.  If it had not been for her, I might truly to this day be in prison, or worse, in my grave. So, in acknowledgement of God’s grace and her life, please allow me to share with you some verses that God gave me to commemorate her birthday some years back. This is simply called,  “You Are.”


By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2005 by Joseph Diop


1. My love, you are that special someone

Every man could hope to find.

From day one till now you have become

The reigning focus of my mind.


2. And no wonder, since to Christ

You are the Apple of His eye –

A treasured pearl beyond all price

That simple money cannot buy.


3. You are the Father’s precious “Baby Girl”.

You are His “High-Paid Servant” too –

The premiere prophetess in all the world

God sends His dreams and visions through.


4. My Only Love, my Angel, and my friend –

All that God meant for you to be,

You are the “Little Brown Lamb” that God defends

And calls His Kingdom V.I.P.


5. Daughter of Zion, you are the intrepid ‘Pacesetter’

Who sets the cadence for our time,

Whom the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost prefer

Above the timid, lukewarm kind.


6. For you pray the prayer of faith with might.

And you discern the spirits well –

A Christian soldier who knows how to fight

And trample down the gates of hell.


7. It’s a privilege to know you, Ann,

As just a fellow saint in Christ.

But I am honored more than any man

To know you are my wife.



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