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Word of Mouth


By Joseph Diop

Copyright © 2004 by Joseph Diop

Word of Mouth is a word of encouragement given for the sake of my wife years ago, when she was weary of the delays, derailments, and discouragements that were so routinely confronting us, while God was working out his calling and purpose in my personal life and ministry. It seems like God’s road of preparation can continue almost endlessly through the rough and tumble places of life. When she cried out to the Lord about it, God personally told her, “I have him under construction.”  Back then, I myself prayed one day in exasperation, “Lord, why is this work that you are doing in me taking so-o-o long?” God encouragingly responded, “Because the anointing I am preparing in you requires more preparation.”  So, for all those on that long and narrow pathway to an anointing of Christ’s fullness, I offer these verses of encouragement. These words are only for those few who “recognize” the road, the sentiments, and the hope.

Written for  B. Ann Diop

With regards to God’s assurance

“I have him under construction.”


  1. We’ve heard that folksy tale before

“Build a better mouse trap, and the world

Will beat a path to your door.”

  1. Well now, if that worldly quip is true

I have a more sure word to lay on you.

  1. When Christ Jesus builds a better man

That news will spread throughout the land,

  1. Until the whole world comes to see

And ends his long obscurity.

  1. He won’t need to brag or advertise.

God will exalt him before the whole world’s eyes.

  1. He won’t need to seek for lost sheep any more.

They’ll beat new paths right to his door.

  1. And by the time God calls him home

The word will spread till Jesus comes.

  1. These words aren’t idle, false, or lame.

They’re what Isaiah 60 claim.

  1. Just look at David, Christ, and John.

That’s just the way their fame was won.

  1. With just a few words here and there,

Soon people came from everywhere.

  1. From north, from south, from east and west,

They trekked to find the man God blessed.

  1. To rivers, hills, and desert lands

Came droves by singles, pairs, and bands.

  1. For God will always draw by grace

The ones He wants to see his face.

  1. And before his ministry is through,

The rest will come to know him too.

  1. So, don’t make worldly quests your goal.

Just wait while God perfects your soul.

  1. And when He’s done, angels will shout

And spread the news by word of mouth.

  1. So, just lift your eyes to Zion’s hill

And set your heart to do God’s will.

  1. Stay meek beneath God’s mighty hand

While He unveils His sovereign plan.

  1. With hope from prayers, God’s word, and hymns

Just keep your mind stayed right on Him.

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